“BistroSquare is designed for restaurants and other small food businesses, like bakeries and caterers, and has features that easily create online menus, coupons and reservations. Instead of paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for a functional website, restaurant owners with minimum technology skills create and maintain their own sites.” -Sarah Kessler,

“As far as website builders for restaurants go, BistroSquare is more than satisfactory. It will let even those restaurateurs who have never coded a thing before get an appealing site together, for the simple reason that they will have nothing to code here – it is all done via a UI that simplifies everything to no end.”

“BistroSquare helps restaurant staffers with limited technical backgrounds build functional websites fast and easy, offering tools to build menus, create coupons or get reservations from customers. The extra services, such as the reservations system, email accounts, multiple user management tools and a shopping cart, are actually what separate BistroSquare from other site builders that target the small food services companies.”

“BistroBuilder is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application written to make it extremely easy for independent restaurants to build beautiful websites for their eateries complete with menus, coupons, Google Maps, and social media integration.”

“BistroBuilder is an application built from the ground up by the team at  With this software, the team at BistroSquare has made it simple for independent restaurants to get online with no previous technical knowledge required.”